About us

The Soloist Collective was founded by Callum Huseyin because he felt that the talented artists that he met needed a place in which they could support each other and develop. Music is an incredibly competitive field and one in which there are many access issues surrounding gender, class, race, sexuality and many other factors. 

The Soloist Collective offers something a little different to music competitions or expensive masterclasses and courses. Membership is open to enquiries, but members also recommend colleagues and we work hard to provide opportunities for everyone. We believe in skill sharing, collaboration and fair pay.

Every member of the Soloist Collective is an equal partner. Every member that participates in a show or gig gets an equal share of the profits, with the Collective itself considered as a member so that some profit is reinvested in the Collective. 

We are all about breaking down barriers both in public, and behind the scenes. We try to support each other with rehearsal space, coaching and all of the other nuts and bolts of music performance that young artists can easily spend vast sums on, and which therefore prevent equal opportunity. We make sure that we maintain an archive of video and audio recording, and a gallery of photos so that all our artists can add to their portfolios.

We have found that within the Soloist Collective, unique combinations and artistic experiences seem to happen all the time. Singers work with solo instrumentalists, composers and arrangers create new music or novel arrangements and members get to work with people from the broadest possible backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We firmly believe that musical culture is the shared right of all humanity, and that we have a responsibility to care for it, add to it and pass it on kinder, more vibrant and more powerful than we found it.


Callum Huseyin – Music Director
Silvia Juravić – Manager
Natasha Elliott – Contralto
Lawrence Gillians – Bass-Baritone
Hebe Hamilton – Soprano
Katie Hinchcliffe – Soprano
Donna Macfadyen – Soprano
Andrew Martin – Flute
Olivia Moss – Soprano
Emily Noon – Mezzo Soprano
Lana Quaid – Soprano
Georgina Thorburn – Soprano